Q: What areas do you cover?

We cover from and to the Peterborough district. This includes the surrounding areas and villages

Q: Are your prices per vehicle or per person?

The prices are based on the vehicle.

Q: How much luggage can I take?

Please check the capacity of the vehicle you are booking

Q: How do I know my booking has been accepted?
First you confirmation is on screen and the second is via e-mail/sms. You can call 01733 305405 for that peace of mind.
Q; What if I cannot locate my driver?
Call the office on 01733 305405 and we will get you in touch with the driver
Q: What if I wish to cancel and want a refund?
We are happy to refund the amount paid but we if the driver is on route or waiting at the pick up point you would not get a refund. We would advice any persons to cancel at least 4 hours before the journey is to commence. Cancelation can ONLY BE MADE VIA PHONE CALL. Please call 01733 305405
Q: Will I be charged extra if my flight is delayed?

We monitor flight before travelling and we would appropriately delay our transit to the airport. But you may incur extra charges on waiting time and parking charges.



Q: What if I miss my flight/train?

We here at The Taxi Firm try to ensure no flight or train is missed. We do suggest/inform you how long the journey would take. For example, if you are travelling from Peterborough to Heathrow Airport Terminal 3, we would inform you that it would take 2:30 hours with moderate traffic and no delays. But it would all be dependent on the journey, date/day/time/destination and If there are any road works or delays. At the time of booking, we would ask when you want the journey to commence. We will call you if any delays have occurred that we have knowledge of and to bring forward the pickup time.

The company and its Drivers cannot be held responsible for any actual or consequential financial or professional loss or missed travel connections (Flights, Trains etc.) due to the late or non-arrival of any taxi.

The Taxi Firm cannot be held responsible for losses consequential or actual arising from missed connections due to adverse weather, prevailing traffic conditions or any other events that negatively influence journey times.

Q: What does the price include?
The prices includes the vehicle selected with journey requested
Q: How early do I need to book?
We would always say book early to avoid disappointment. Up to 6 months before the journey is due to commence.