Our Fleet

The saloon is a great choice and by far our most popular. You’ll be driven in a modern vehicle which can carry up to 4 passengers and moderate amount of luggage.
The Taxi Firm - Saloon Car
  * 4   * 2   * 2
With all the advantages of our saloon vehicles, our estate’s have an increased boot capacity to accommodate that extra bit of luggage without compromising on comfort.
The Taxi Firm - Estate Car

  * 4   * 3   * 1

  * 4   * 1   * 4


The executive vehicle is a great choice if you want to be driven in luxury and comfort. Popular with business clients and individuals you’ll be driven in our prestige Mercedes vehicles.
The Taxi Firm - Executive Car
  * 4   * 2   * 2
if you’re going on a family holiday or traveling with a group of friends our minibus is the perfect choice. Our minibus vehicles can carry up to 8 passengers and a generous amount of luggage.
The Taxi Firm -Minibus

  * 8   * 8   * 8